Langham Community Park update 14th July 2021

The refurbishment is complete, the new equipment sits proudly beside what was there before, and the gates were unlocked on Saturday July 10th. People of all ages came to try out the new equipment or relax in the sunshine at one of the new picnic tables.

As with all such community ventures we will have a formal Grand Opening, to which everyone is invited – it is on Saturday 24th July at 12.30.  Please bring your own picnic and let’s have a wonderful day in the fresh air, meeting and chatting with friends and neighbours and testing the new equipment.

Rutland Showground Planning Application

The Planning Application 2021/0319/MAF for permission to run events and to establish a caravan park at Rutland Showground has been withdrawn. We will keep you informed of any developments

Solar Farm - latest

Historic England has requested an archaeological survey of the proposed solar farm site. This will take place over the next few weeks and they will dig some test trenches to see what lies below. It is unlikely that the planning application will now go to committee before July.

Traffic Reporting on the A606

It is now 5 weeks since we asked you all to start reporting near misses and dangerous driving on the A606 – especially near the school.

We have received 11 reports – 7 of near misses, 3 of dangerous driving and one expression of concern. These we have sent to Inspector Danvers of Leicestershire Police (copy our PC Laurie Appleton) and to Cllr Lucy Stephenson (Traffic and Highways, RCC), copy our County Councillor, Oliver Hemsley.

We plan to send a similar summary every 4-5 weeks – or more frequently we get a lot more reports.

Our hope is that with robust and significant formal evidence of the risk to people crossing the A606 we may stand a chance, in the future, of a meaningful investment, by RCC, in a safe crossing point. Please keep reporting all incidents on the website.

The Parish Council submitted the address list for the Langham CFP on 27 March 2021, and now await a quotation from Openreach under the new scheme opening in April 2021.