Parish Council - Our Latest News as of 7 January 2021

The most appropriate greeting from the Parish Council at the beginning of this New Year is to wish you all well and safe as we move forward through a difficult winter with some hope for a healthier future and much uncertainty about what will be the new ‘normal’ lives when the restrictions on our lives can be lifted.

In the meantime your Parish Council continues to work on your behalf and we can start with some good news.

Funding for Munday’s Close Community Park: We have secured a grant from FCC Communities Funding, a grant giving body funded by the landfill operator FCC Environment, for over £50,000 which together with a small contribution from our funds will enable us to renovate and improve the equipment in our Community Park. The aim is to provide equipment which will enable a greater range of age groups to enjoy activities in the park.  We would really like your help deciding exactly what equipment we buy and install. There is a short survey on our website ( which shows you the equipment we are thinking about and asks for your views. PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AND COMPLETE THIS SURVEY BY 1 FEBRUARY.

Parish Precept 2021/22: More good news!  After careful consideration of the Parish Council’s budget for the coming financial year we are pleased to tell you that we have decided that we will not need to ask households to contribute more to the costs incurred in our parish.  There will be no increase in the amount of money raised for this Parish Council through your Council Tax in 2021/22.

Lock on Gate to Munday’s Close Community Park and Burial Ground; After the last Parish Council meeting in 2020, which was held in November, we became aware of an imminent risk that the land could be occupied by trespassers and we needed to take swift action to deter such occupation despite any inconvenience caused. We decided locking the gate and displaying a phone number for those who needed to gain access was the sensible response. Our January 28th Parish Council Meeting will be the first opportunity to formally discuss the risk assessment and determine appropriate action going forward.

Virtual Parish Council Meetings: As you will be aware, we are holding virtual Parish Council meetings on Zoom.  Please attend and also speak at the meetings if you want to.  Details on how to join our Zoom meetings are published with our agendas displayed on Notice Boards around the village and on our Website

Verges Bio Diversity Project: Volunteers have prepared and planted the first verge with wildflower seeds, to the north side of Mickley Lane.   Verges that have been planted are marked with small blue heart shaped signs.  Progress has been delayed elsewhere after discovering we need an Environmental Licence from RCC to plant the other selected verges around the village.  We expect to receive this licence shortly.  Extra volunteers to help with the project would still be very welcome.  If you are interested please contact Marian Markham or Cllr Richard Besant, their details are available from the Parish Clerk.

Langham Neighbourhood Plan (LNP) Review The 5-strong Steering Group set up by LPC to review the Langham Neighbourhood Plan has started work. The five have managed two ZOOM meetings and are in a position now to keep you all regularly updated with progress and to call on you all for essential help. So please keep checking the LPC website and the Langham News for their updates.

Brenda Palmer

Chairman – Langham Parish Council